"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 days.....

In 7 days...this is where I'll be standing..but it will be at about 4:00am! yikes!:)

This year I have the privilege of going with 4 other friends from church! So, I'm sure the picture will look a little different. Hard to believe just a year ago on July 14, 2010, my mom and dad were taking me up to Chicago...my heart is full with the thought that I get to go back...that God is allowing me to go back.
Here are a few things that we've been praying for and you can too! :)

* As we get last minute stuff organized. (and for all of our luggage to make it!)
* As we leave our family.
* Health while over there.
*That we would be a blessing and huge help to Ashli's orphanage.

* For our hearts to overflow with God's LOVE and compassion for these children.

* That God will open doors with opportunities to share God's love...

*Lastly, that we will bring joy to these children.....by finding them a forever home!!!!

Oh, I can't wait.......

Not sure how much I'll be blogging over there. I'm not so patient when it comes to waiting for Internet connection! :) But, Kelly is a lot more patient then me....so you can follow the Ordinary Hero blog :)

Last thing.....here are 3 amazing blogs that you have to

follow. read. & share with others.

1. My best friend.........they just left for Malawi, Africa for 2 years with SIM.

2. Jen, my sweet friend....just announced in March they are adopting from Ethiopia and are literally almost done with the Homestudy...wooohooo!

3. Chris, basically my 2nd mom....going with me to ET and then Zambia in August!!!

Funny thing is....these 3 are all related! God is working in this family! wow!

God bless! -rachel