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Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Saturday!

If you live in the Bloomington/Morton/Peoria area you need to be at this conference! :)
The conference has such great resources for families(and singles:) wanting to foster, adopt, or if you just what to learn more about how to support families that are stepping out in faith! Here is the link for you to learn more about this great conference that the Bloomington area churches put on each year. If you're going Saturday make sure you stop by the Ordinary Hero table to support OH!:)
I just opened the OH box..............and let me tell you.....Kelly sent some awesome/fun stuff!
(Coffee mugs, the silicone bracelets, kid jackets, the new hoodies, the zip up jackets, hats, and TONS of t-shirts!
Let me know if you'd like something. (email, text, facebook me...)
Oh, and remember you don't have to pay shipping!:):):)
Hope to see you there!!!:)