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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Act....

I have been very blessed with parents that lavish on us "kids" at Christmas time....My parents both come from families that love giving gifts. The Hauter family has MANY traditions and my parents for sure have passed down and even started new traditions that WE LOVE.:) This year before our family dinner my Dad talked to us about his Grandpa Hauter and how he loved Christmas time and giving to others. He lavished on others....just like Christ lavishes on us. So, my Dad and Mom for sure have lavished on us each year. I have many FAVORITE and memorable gifts that I'll never forget....including Capri my poodle. (I had to add her in there....:)
But the real reason for this post is to tell you about a gift that I received right before Christmas this year....it's one that....touched my heart....not because someone thought of me....BUT because.... they are lavishing on others and meeting needs for those truly in need. I have no idea who put the card in my box at church and I'll probably never know...but one thing is true...I will forever be thankful and I'm sure the children in Uganda will also be forever thankful!!!!:) My prayer is that the Lord will bless you over and over for blessing these children. Thank you for being a blessing to my heart. I'm forever grateful! -love, rachel
Here is what the card says:
"Random Act of Christmas Given because of God's perfect gift to us...
John 3:16."
"A donation was made to Amazina to help feed children in Masese."
Here is the link of information about Amazina. Maybe this will start you in the right direction for some ideas on how to help others for 2012......why don't you bless someone this coming year!!! http://http://amazimaministries.blogspot.com/