"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Act....

I have been very blessed with parents that lavish on us "kids" at Christmas time....My parents both come from families that love giving gifts. The Hauter family has MANY traditions and my parents for sure have passed down and even started new traditions that WE LOVE.:) This year before our family dinner my Dad talked to us about his Grandpa Hauter and how he loved Christmas time and giving to others. He lavished on others....just like Christ lavishes on us. So, my Dad and Mom for sure have lavished on us each year. I have many FAVORITE and memorable gifts that I'll never forget....including Capri my poodle. (I had to add her in there....:)
But the real reason for this post is to tell you about a gift that I received right before Christmas this year....it's one that....touched my heart....not because someone thought of me....BUT because.... they are lavishing on others and meeting needs for those truly in need. I have no idea who put the card in my box at church and I'll probably never know...but one thing is true...I will forever be thankful and I'm sure the children in Uganda will also be forever thankful!!!!:) My prayer is that the Lord will bless you over and over for blessing these children. Thank you for being a blessing to my heart. I'm forever grateful! -love, rachel
Here is what the card says:
"Random Act of Christmas Given because of God's perfect gift to us...
John 3:16."
"A donation was made to Amazina to help feed children in Masese."
Here is the link of information about Amazina. Maybe this will start you in the right direction for some ideas on how to help others for 2012......why don't you bless someone this coming year!!! http://http://amazimaministries.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

worth reading...

Just wanted to share this......

go to

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thankful for...

Well, a year ago on December 5,2010, my little cousin....Mahaela JoMae Hauter came home for...ever! Crazy to think it was an ENTIRE year ago! So thankful for her life and that we are blessed to be apart of it!
Waiting for Mahaela!

Meeting Mahaela for the first time!!! :0)

Mahaela getting her face painted for the first time in Puggles!:)

Another reason why I'm thankful...is 31 years ago on December 5,...my AMAZING big sister was born!
(I'm sure your lovin' it Bec that I put your age...!)

Not sure what I'd do without her!
She is one of my biggest fans she knows everything about me, is always there to comfort me, encourages me, pushes me to be a better Christian, lets me eat dinner with her fam numerous times during the week:), makes brownie mix for me whenever I want it, and lastly allows me to be 110% involved in Sadie and Ty's life! Ahhh!
Love you Becca!!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


My heart hurts for this little one....
...when I first saw this picture on Pinterest...my heart literally tightened. All of a sudden so many scenes/pictures/thoughts of Ethiopia all came back to me and I thought to myself...am I doing my best to SPEAK UP for them...to help them?
I know its the end of November which means "Orphan Awareness" is over. Right?! You won't speak up for the orphans until next November. Correct? Hmmm.....Well, I pray that if you are reading this....that you won't let that happen. Lets keep speaking up for those who can't speak up for themselves. (Prov. 31:8) Lets help those that are in need. Whether they are thousands of miles away or ten minutes. I pray that the Lord will speak to you and make it clear on how HE WANTS you to serve those in need or how you can stand up for those that are too little to speak up for themselves.

I hope that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with friends and family. I know I have much to be thankful for that the Lord has given me! I'm excited that my nephew most likely(and Lord willing) will be sitting with us at next years Thanksgiving dinner! :) Ahhhhh!:)

Soooooooooooo how are you going to advocate for those that need help? Just a little question for you to think about this week. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I know......

Hey everyone! Yes, it has been a LONG time since I've been on here...! Wow! :)

Guess what...Orphan Sunday is RIGHT around the corner. I saw this video....thought I'd share it with you. Pass it on if you'd like!
I hope to be back soon to update on my sponsor child and other stuff!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cute Tee shirt!

I was blessed to meet so many people on the OH trip! Kortnie was one of them! She is selling a cute t-shirt that her friend(Dana!) designed to help her fundraise for the OH trip! We ALL wanted one once we saw her wearing it.......and talked her into putting in an order for us! :) The thing is she needs to hit 50 to put in an order. Can you help?!?! The money she raises will then go into her fund for next years trip! Yep, she's planning on going back.....that's what happens....you fall in love with the people, kids, way of life, and the country while over there. If you are interested in this cute shirt.....leave a comment or email @ hauter13@hotmail.com me and I will give you her address or you can give the check to me and I'll send it with mine!
The total of the shirt with shipping is $35!
This is Yosi...he is the cutest and is Kortnie's sponsor child that she fell in love with! He even got to come spend the night with her! He did great all night!

I believe the shirt has James 1:27 on it and then Jesus Loves the little Children going around Africa!
P.S. It's the same material as some of the OH shirts!!! My favorite! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

About a week ago....

WINKER! It was sooo good to see him! His sponsor got to come on our trip!:)

A little baby at Restoration orphanage!

Just over a week ago I was in Ethiopia and now I'm home. Just back into the swing of things......but................yet, my heart still thinks of ALL the little ones over there....THAT are still in need. I thought I better start blogging with pictures...so I don't forget stuff! :).....I don't like posting pictures out of order...but...tonight it will have to do! :)

A little girl that lives in the village of Woliso.

Please listen to this song by Meredith Andrews. It is one of my favorites! Close your eyes and listen! :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn't keep you updated that well while I was over in ET! I hope majority of you followed Kelly's blog....:) I think that it takes me longer to process things and to express what I'm feeling......so I promise you will HEAR or read my thoughts in the coming days and weeks. :)

But overall, I had a great time, we had a great group, and we saw things that have changed us all...so be praying for us that we'll be able to express our thoughts and the THINGS we saw.

Nothing that we saw takes God by surprise!

So thankful that the purpose of our trip was to.....bring glory to God, be a witness for Him, bring awareness to orphans, give to the needy, show Christ's love, and FIND FOREVER homes for the MANY Ethiopian children.

Please be praying for the seeds that were planted.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We made it to chicago....

Its really happening....we are in Chicago overnight and then will fly out to Dulles at 6 tomorrow!!!!!! Please be praying we make it to Dulles in time for the 12pm flight! : ) Thank you for all your prayers.......
Can't wait to hug and hold some little ones! :)
Love you guys.....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hooray...almost here!

Can't believe it.......I'm going back. One year ago I hadn't even been to Ethiopia! Now I'm dying to go back! :) Tonight the family(minus 6) all got together so we could hang out AND so that I could have one last yummy meal!:) Thanks Mom for dinner and thanks Em for the yummy fruit pizza! :) Here are some pics.......I already know I have huge family support but huge OH supporters also! :)

I'm sure gonna miss this little guy for 10 days!

Some of my biggest fans...:)

Thanks for helping me pack...and for the fruit pizza!!!My parents....I'm so blessed.
I had to add this one....such cute girls...! I was saying "open your eyes" and she thought I said open mouth....ha! :)

Thanks Bec for packing all 3 of my donation bags! :) Amazing! Wish you were going!:(

I truly am blessed. Thank you ONCE again for giving so I can go. Please be praying for our team that we will truly shine the light of Jesus................and that we would give all of ourselves to serve these children and people of Ethiopia. I will TRY and get on and write but just in case.... Please follow along at the Ordinary Hero blog. Oh, and be watching those that bought a sheep......can't wait to show pictures!:) Off to get some sleep! Love ya, Rachel

Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 days.....

In 7 days...this is where I'll be standing..but it will be at about 4:00am! yikes!:)

This year I have the privilege of going with 4 other friends from church! So, I'm sure the picture will look a little different. Hard to believe just a year ago on July 14, 2010, my mom and dad were taking me up to Chicago...my heart is full with the thought that I get to go back...that God is allowing me to go back.
Here are a few things that we've been praying for and you can too! :)

* As we get last minute stuff organized. (and for all of our luggage to make it!)
* As we leave our family.
* Health while over there.
*That we would be a blessing and huge help to Ashli's orphanage.

* For our hearts to overflow with God's LOVE and compassion for these children.

* That God will open doors with opportunities to share God's love...

*Lastly, that we will bring joy to these children.....by finding them a forever home!!!!

Oh, I can't wait.......

Not sure how much I'll be blogging over there. I'm not so patient when it comes to waiting for Internet connection! :) But, Kelly is a lot more patient then me....so you can follow the Ordinary Hero blog :)

Last thing.....here are 3 amazing blogs that you have to

follow. read. & share with others.

1. My best friend.........they just left for Malawi, Africa for 2 years with SIM.

2. Jen, my sweet friend....just announced in March they are adopting from Ethiopia and are literally almost done with the Homestudy...wooohooo!

3. Chris, basically my 2nd mom....going with me to ET and then Zambia in August!!!

Funny thing is....these 3 are all related! God is working in this family! wow!

God bless! -rachel

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Won't you stand up....and use your voice

Well, after the Light the Fire event one of my good high school friends told me about how the event touched her.....in her own words....

"Thanks so much for inviting me Saturday. I have been so touched, and moved. I can't even explain it! I have been moved to tears everyday since the event. I can't stop thinking about it! I don't know what I am supposed to do, so I have just been praying. I would love to begin helping in any way I could, so if you have something in mind let me know. I know I don't go to your church, but would love to be involved.
When I got in the car to leave your church, I happened to be driving ........car. He had a CD in that I had been listening to. As I turned on the radio, a song was just beginning, and I just sobbed as I drove. It hit me hard, and I can't stop listening to it. It is called "Stand Up" By Sugarland. Here is a link so you can hear it. Enjoy!" http://www.metrolyrics.com/stand-up-lyrics-sugarland.html

Since hearing this song....all I can think of is...I want to stand up for those that can't SPEAK UP for themeselves. While standing up for them....I need to also be focusing on how I can show Crist's love!

"Open your mouth, judge righteously,and plead the cause of th poor and needy..." Proverbs 31:9

Will you stand up and use your voice?
Go to ordinaryhero.org and sign up for the "SPEAK UP" emails they send out with children that are...wanting/needing/dreaming/asking/hoping/wondering/wishing/praying/waiting/ for someone to show them GOD's LOVE! So, I hope I gave you just one little reason out of a million why you SHOULD STAND UP and use your voice! :)
Please be watching the Oridnary Hero blog as we visit and care for many orphans....that truly need you.....will you open your heart to a little one....or share a little face that stands out to you...with a friend or a family member? :)

How are you going to stand up and use your voice?

2 weeks from today...I will be in Chicago...getting ready to head back to ETHIOPIA! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

two cuties...

I truly am blessed by all of you who have supported me...in sending me back to Ethiopia! So so so so blessed!

Here are two cuties that supported me when the huge $500 Ordinary Hero grant was going on! Thanks to all of you...I WON! :)

Ada touring in San Francisco wearing an OH shirt!:)

Here's Lacey stylin' with some OH gear! :)

Both of them have really great moms....that wanted to support me so they bought some cute OH shirts for their kiddos! :) Thanks Jen and Leah!:)

Thanks again X1,000 for those who supported me when the fundraiser was going on...!

Here is a list of all of those who supported me with buying OH gear!:) Jennifer Post, Emily Hauter, Jen Keedy, Amanda Kniep, Holli Willmert, Trina Saunders, Laura Shores, Noelle Frazier, Ashley Alderfer, Anne Hauter, Rebecca Ultch, Leah Lennington, Lisa Willmert, Jean Miller, Jim Scime, Shelley Hauter, Carol Unsicker, Stacy Hadlock, Sara Watts, Jenny Shores, Rachel Fitch, Kristy Seckler, Molly Acord, Barb Calderhead, Faith Bunton, Judy Reinking, Michelle Goehner, and Rachel Snow............................................................truly blessed!!!! Thank you everyone...and obviously thank your husbands for me....:) Please let me know if I missed your name! :)

I can't wait to see all those sheep and to FEED the kids! Oh my!:) Can you tell I'm getting sooooo excited its getting so close! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

getting closer...

Thought I would share some pictures from Ethiopia! Every time I go through my album of ET pictures....it just makes me long to be there! I am so blessed to be able to GO BACK. So excited to see what God is going to do leading up to our trip and while we're there. I can't wait to come back and advocate for the orphans....and to see the children find families that will love them forever and EVER.......

Just thought I'd share some pictures that have made me get even more excited about going back to Ethiopia! :)

from today LORD willing I'll be in Ethiopia (oh and bringing with me...4 friends:)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have a little bit of a void in my heart these days.....

I left all of these kiddos over 10 months ago....and can't wait to squeeze and laugh with them again...in about 38 dayssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost all 10 of these not even a week ago....can't wait to see them over the summer and sadly watch them WALK (right past my classroom)INTO THEIR Kindergarten classrooms in the fall...;( (BUT OH so proud of them!!!!) :)

But most of all......my heart aches for these two.....It has only been 5 days and I already can't stand it not knowing what they are doing and experiencing for the first time down in Texas. Something that I KNOW I have to get use to..... :( And I know I am thankful for many picture texts, emails, facebook, phones calls, and skype!!!!

****Next post coming soon...about donations needed for the Ordinary Hero trip...I have my "2nd mom" going with and 3 great friends....soooooooooooo excited for them to EXPERIENCE ETHIOPIA...................! Please keep us in your prayers as the trip is getting close....I believe 38days!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Event recap...finally!

This is a little late....but thought its always good to go back and be reminded on how awesome God is...:)

It was exciting to have Kelly come from TN to speak to our church & community. It was good seeing her again and just to be able to hear from her heart. I believe that the event inspired, touched, moved, informed, and led people to seek out those in need....and not just to adopt....but to serve others. So thankful for you Kelly.....and the example you are to so many....thank you for sharing your heart for the fatherless and encouraging us to do the same!!! Thank you to everyone that served at this event....and planned for the event...and PRAYED for the people attending the event. Here is the Called2Care group(minus a few)that helped with the event. Jami Kaeb is also in the picture!!! So thankful that Jami was able to come share her HEART for children and families that are in the foster care system! What a BLESSING she is........excited I finally got to meet her....:) My Aunt Shell also got up and spoke about an awesome opportunity! Its called New Horizons for Children it is a summer hosting program. Go check out the website for more information! If your not interested...be sure to pass it on to someone else! :) :)
It was nice having my good friend Whitney Winkler and her brother Andrew come and lead us in worship! Thanks Whit!!! So thankful for you...and your flexibility with the event!

It was nice that Kelly was able to stay until Sunday so that she could speak to our SS classes and we could have a Q&A time! She's a pro at answering questions!:)

I can't wait to take some of these shoes over to Ethiopia...and place them on so many children's feet! Would you like to send over donations?....let me know if you do! :) LESS than 2 months away and I'll be in ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited how the Lord has planted seeds of adoption on many hearts....not sure if we'll ever know...but thankful the LORD does.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blessed...Blessed...and more BLESSED!

I won the $500 Ordinary Hero grant!
I am so thankful to ALL of you who bought on my behalf.

Not sure exactly the amount of "sheep" that were bought in my name....but will let you know soon! It was very exciting to get an email from Kelly....and to read YOU WON! So thankful! :)

On OrdinaryHero blog:

Rachel Hauter!!! Wow! Rachel went nuts with the selling....or should I say she has some awesome friends and family that purchased on her behalf. I think she now will have a whole herd of sheep to give away in Ethiopia on her mission trip :) She sold $2372.55 worth of product in those 6 days!! Wow!! She receives 40% of that total plus this $500 grant. Congrats, Rachel!!
Kelly even wondered how I did it?!?!? Funny thing is...........not sure...other than I KNOW I HAVE AN AMAZING FAMILY and AMAZING friends who God has blessed me with! I WISH I COULD NAME EVERYONE! Once I receive the list......then I will because I want to thank everyone personally for helping me and FEEDING children in Ethiopia! I couldn't wait to get over there....but now...it makes it so much sweeter to know all of you will TRULY be helping children in Ethiopia and that I will be able to hug and serve them for YOU!.....

Below are some pictures of when our team bought sheep back in July for the different orphanages and a church that we attended. Was it my favorite thing seeing these animals get treated like this...and then killed? Noooooooooooooooooo but.....thankful we got to fill up some bellies!:):):):)
(a.) Obtaining or deserving thanks; thankworthy.
(a.) Impressed with a sense of kindness received, and ready to acknowledge it; grateful.

Thank you again...and again...for giving so that I can go.

P.S.-------less than 2 months and I will be in Ethiopia...Lord willing! :)I'll take whatever donations you have....to send over!:)

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Thank you to those that supported me the last time I tried to receive the $100 free grant from OH. I have a great family that supports me 150% and amazing friends-too! :) Here are a few pictures showing a few that have supported me!
(If you did or are going to buy something to support me...PLEASE send me a picture so I can thank you!:)

Here are two really cute girls! So thankful to have them as my nieces!

Ok, Ty is sporting the "Little World Changer" shirt...go check out the OH store to get your little one something just like this!
Here is another pic of Titus...just in case you didn't believe me that his shirt does say that...he will be a "Little World Changer..." :)

Had to put this picture up! Here are my amazing sisters! They are responsible for cheering me on to sign up for the fundraiser(as did Holli:)!!!!!! I'm very blessed! :)
Its hard to say which OH shirt is my favorite...this one comes in close to being #1!:)

Thank you once again for ALL of you who are supporting me...whether you do participate in this OH fundraiser or by praying or by giving fun toys, crafts supplies, soccer balls, candy...etc.! THANK YOU times 100! I pray that the Lord blesses you in return...because you sure are blessing me so that I CAN GOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Until Sunday!!!

Sale still going on in the OH store! PLEASE help me by purchasing products! 40% of your sale goes DIRECTLY to my mission trip costs! Can you help me help CHANGE THE WORLD FOR ONE? $500 grant to highest seller and I want this PRIZE badly!:) Thanks to all! Please go check out the store!

Please make sure to send me a picture of your family if you happen to buy a sheep! I will take over your family pic and show it to those that you will be feeding! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...two birds with one stone:)

Well, I'm not a big fan of asking people for things! But here I go....

It actually came up this past weekend with my family...that years ago...I'd always make my younger brother or best friend ask for things....so I didn't have to! (or does that mean I was just bossy?!?!? :)

Anyways...so here I am trying to ask you all on my own! :)

Here is a way that you can help me by purchasing an item in the OH store. Every item that you purchase-I then receive 40% towards my missions trip!!! There are even opportunities for you to purchase a goat/sheep to feed MANY children. How cool is that?!?! If you do purchase a sheep...please send me a picture of your family so that all those that you will be feeding will be able to see your family!

(There is a contest of the affiliate(me) that raises the most money by this Sunday(at midnight) then receives $500 free from Ordinary Hero towards their missions trip! How awesome is that...?!?!?
Here is the Ordinary Hero blog----it explains the contest a little better!

So, as my title says...."you can hit two birds with one stone"
The saying is true.....you can be helping children in need while supporting my trip back to Ethiopia! :) Do you agree?!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Save the date!!!

I am excited to say that on May 20 & 21 there is a great opportunity for you! We need help re-decorating a children's room at "The Children's Home and Aid" in Bloomington. I know this is an AWESOME opportunity for many to act upon what we all heard at the Light the Fire event. (Even if you weren't at the event.....you can just jump right in and get involved!!)

Kelly and Jami both spoke about how we should be reaching out to our own communities and ministering to those in need. Welllllllllllllllllllll...here's your chance....to help make many children feel special.

The Forgotten Initiative's mission is “to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community”

"We do this by partnering with our local foster care agencies to understand their needs and then we partner with churches (the Body of Christ) to bring awareness to the needs and connect the two! We want to mobilize the Body to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus to the forgotten in our communities! All that we do is because of Jesus and for His glory."

Monetary donations are needed and even "fun" donations are needed as well. :)

If you are wanting to make monetary donations to help with costs for this particular room-checks may be made out to Lifesong for Orphans and please mark going towards-The Forgotten Initiative!
If you know this is something you WOULD LOVE to be apart of....or if you have questions send an e-mail to info@theforgotteninitiative.org -Kathy will answer your question(s) or direct you to the right person! :)

Pass the word on about "The Forgotten Initiative" or "like" it on facebook! Also, be looking for the Initiative's awesome website that should be up and running the first week of May! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Light the fire....

...and the fire was lit!

Well, not sure how to put the event into words...(but I'll try!) ...the most important thing was that God was glorified and people's hearts were moved...and some were even moved to action!

"And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your LIGHT will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday." Isaiah 58:10

Our Called2Care's goal for the evening was simply to bring awareness to Ordinary Hero, the needs in our own community, to support Kelly Putty and Jami Kaeb, and to spread the word about the 240 children who are orphaned PER HOUR!!!!

We wanted people to know that there is ONE (or two...) out there waiting for them....needing them....not only to be taken care of...and to have their physical needs met...but to share with them JESUS loves them and died for them!

Isn't that our ultimate goal as believers...to share God's Word?!?!!?

We are excited to hear how God has/and will touch hearts for the fatherless and those in need as the days and months go on....

We've already heard of one family that had adoption on their hearts....and after the event they left saying, "who is our one?", they then got a call on Wednesday(4 days later...)

and NOW HAVE THAT LITTLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

How GREAT is our GOD?!?!?!

We've heard of a few other families that have said they will be starting the adoption process! I can't wait to watch God guide these families to their little one! :)

If you weren't able to make it to the event...I pray that God will give you a burden for those in need. That doesn't always mean....ADOPTION....as much as I would love to bring one home in July for myself and every other family.....I don't believe that is what God has for me right now:)....but yet, He can still use me and YOU to serve others in the same town we live in!

I'll be posting pics in the next few days...:)