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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Event recap...finally!

This is a little late....but thought its always good to go back and be reminded on how awesome God is...:)

It was exciting to have Kelly come from TN to speak to our church & community. It was good seeing her again and just to be able to hear from her heart. I believe that the event inspired, touched, moved, informed, and led people to seek out those in need....and not just to adopt....but to serve others. So thankful for you Kelly.....and the example you are to so many....thank you for sharing your heart for the fatherless and encouraging us to do the same!!! Thank you to everyone that served at this event....and planned for the event...and PRAYED for the people attending the event. Here is the Called2Care group(minus a few)that helped with the event. Jami Kaeb is also in the picture!!! So thankful that Jami was able to come share her HEART for children and families that are in the foster care system! What a BLESSING she is........excited I finally got to meet her....:) My Aunt Shell also got up and spoke about an awesome opportunity! Its called New Horizons for Children it is a summer hosting program. Go check out the website for more information! If your not interested...be sure to pass it on to someone else! :) :)
It was nice having my good friend Whitney Winkler and her brother Andrew come and lead us in worship! Thanks Whit!!! So thankful for you...and your flexibility with the event!

It was nice that Kelly was able to stay until Sunday so that she could speak to our SS classes and we could have a Q&A time! She's a pro at answering questions!:)

I can't wait to take some of these shoes over to Ethiopia...and place them on so many children's feet! Would you like to send over donations?....let me know if you do! :) LESS than 2 months away and I'll be in ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited how the Lord has planted seeds of adoption on many hearts....not sure if we'll ever know...but thankful the LORD does.

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