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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cute Tee shirt!

I was blessed to meet so many people on the OH trip! Kortnie was one of them! She is selling a cute t-shirt that her friend(Dana!) designed to help her fundraise for the OH trip! We ALL wanted one once we saw her wearing it.......and talked her into putting in an order for us! :) The thing is she needs to hit 50 to put in an order. Can you help?!?! The money she raises will then go into her fund for next years trip! Yep, she's planning on going back.....that's what happens....you fall in love with the people, kids, way of life, and the country while over there. If you are interested in this cute shirt.....leave a comment or email @ hauter13@hotmail.com me and I will give you her address or you can give the check to me and I'll send it with mine!
The total of the shirt with shipping is $35!
This is Yosi...he is the cutest and is Kortnie's sponsor child that she fell in love with! He even got to come spend the night with her! He did great all night!

I believe the shirt has James 1:27 on it and then Jesus Loves the little Children going around Africa!
P.S. It's the same material as some of the OH shirts!!! My favorite! :)