"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Thank you to those that supported me the last time I tried to receive the $100 free grant from OH. I have a great family that supports me 150% and amazing friends-too! :) Here are a few pictures showing a few that have supported me!
(If you did or are going to buy something to support me...PLEASE send me a picture so I can thank you!:)

Here are two really cute girls! So thankful to have them as my nieces!

Ok, Ty is sporting the "Little World Changer" shirt...go check out the OH store to get your little one something just like this!
Here is another pic of Titus...just in case you didn't believe me that his shirt does say that...he will be a "Little World Changer..." :)

Had to put this picture up! Here are my amazing sisters! They are responsible for cheering me on to sign up for the fundraiser(as did Holli:)!!!!!! I'm very blessed! :)
Its hard to say which OH shirt is my favorite...this one comes in close to being #1!:)

Thank you once again for ALL of you who are supporting me...whether you do participate in this OH fundraiser or by praying or by giving fun toys, crafts supplies, soccer balls, candy...etc.! THANK YOU times 100! I pray that the Lord blesses you in return...because you sure are blessing me so that I CAN GOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

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