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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, I don't have a lot of time to blog right now...but just wanted to post a picture that I took at the event!

We thought that it'd be awesome for our church family(and kids) to get involved before the event arrived. So, we asked those in our church to bring in shoes for children in need to jump-start our event! We then had the children bring them up to the stage the Sunday before the event.....to show that 240 children per hour become orphans! 240!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUGE reality check!

It also was a great way to get the children involved and for them to realize the need right in our own town and around the world!

Thank you to those that brought in shoes! :)

We already gave some shoes to Jami Kaeb. Jami said that Lifesong could use them for a missions trip that was coming up! So yay! We also will be looking into giving some of the shoes to some area missions/shelters around here and I will of course be taking a lot to ETHIOPIA! I can't waittttttttttt! :) Ok, more pictures to come about the Ordinary Hero---Light the Fire event we had last Saturday! What a great evening it was....listening to Kelly Putty and Jami Kaeb! :)

Oh, and my friend Whitney sang...so talented!

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